Easily Manage Multiple Vendors With Solid Commerce!

Solid commerce gives you several ways to get your vendor’s updates into our system. The updates can easily be automated, depending on your vendor’s processes. Even without automation, it is easy to manage cost and quantity updates, regardless of how many skus your vendor has.



Sync with FTP files

If your vendor can upload files to an ftp site, Solid Commerce can automatically process the updates shortly after they’re uploaded. It’s pretty much awesome

Create complete integrations

If your vendor does not work with ftp files, or you want a more advanced update option, you can use our web services to connect your vendor’s system to ours. You are free to do the work yourself, hire your own developer, or hire us to do it for you.


Upload vendor files yourself

Uploading the Excel, CSV, or TXT files from your vendor into Solid Commerce is easy. If your vendor can’t provide you with an automated option, this is still a fast way to go. In addition to our automated vendor management solution, we also give you complete manual import ability when you need it.

Zero out items your vendor no longer has in stock

If your vendor removes out of stock items from their files, it can be hard for you to keep up with the out of stock items. Our vendor management solution can automatically set the quantity to zero for items missing from your vendors file so your listings close on time.


Update quantities and prices to the marketplaces automatically

No matter whether your vendor’s file is processed automatically, or uploaded manually, we will automatically update the quantities on your listings. If you base your sell prices on your costs, vendor cost updates will trigger Solid Commerce to automatically update your prices on the marketplaces too. Save more time updating with our automated vendor management software tools.

Keep selling even when one vendor sells out

If you have an item that is available from multiple suppliers, Solid Commerce can search all of your vendor’s warehouses for the SKU to make sure you keep selling. By default, our system automatically fills orders from the vendor with the cheapest cost to you. We shift to the next cheapest vendor if the one with the lowest cost runs out of stock. You can set up custom priorities if using the lowest cost supplier is not the right approach for you. That’s what we call easy vendor management!