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Solid Commerce Integration

Solid Commerce integrates seamlessly with SAP to provide a personalized multi-channel shopping experience that will take your brand to new heights. Customize all of your online storefronts—from Amazon and eBay to Jet, Walmart and Rakuten, so customers can find your unique solutions anywhere they’re shopping. Solid Commerce takes data straight from SAP, so you can update product listings and keep track of inventory whether you’re selling as a third party, or from your own e-commerce store. Take advantage of SAP’s content management system (CMS) to optimize descriptions, blogs, or any other web copy you’d like to use on all channels. Additional tools include automation of tasks like invoicing, managing email marketing campaigns and offering promotions.


With Solid Commerce, you can directly integrate SAP’s customization capabilities into more than 20 marketplaces and shopping carts. Receive sales from your ecommerce stores, as well as Amazon, eBay and more and other marketplaces can flow directly into SAP. Additionally, you can keep track of inventory counts, and web content and more, using data from Sage to auto-populate marketplace listings.

About SAP

With thousands of customers globally using SAP’s online products and professional services, SAP enables companies grow their business across multiple channels by providing custom solutions to better manage orders and inventory, handle accounting and finance, optimize SEO and offer customers a consistent experience, no matter how robust your channel mix.