Track Sales With Awesome Reports

Built-In Business Intelligence Reports Gives You Insight Into Your Operations And Helps You Manage Your Sales Metrics


Best and Worst Sellers

Track performance at a glance, see what’s selling well and what’s not.


Financial reports

Get your costs, exact revenue, collected payments, shipping fees collected, and/or taxes collected out of Solid Commerce for every order. A QuickBooks integration is also available for automated accounting.

Orders reports

All order data is completely exportable. Access information about the entire order or the products in the orders. Tracking numbers are also exportable on shipped orders. Export quantities of the ordered items in case you need to update your inventory in another system.


Shipping logs and manifests

The SolidShip shipping tool can save the history of every attempted shipment in a log. It can also close out Shipping Manifests that meet UPS’s scanning requirements.