Join The Thousands Actively Using Amazon Repricing Software By Solid Commerce

Solid commerce gives you a variety of price management options so you can carefully and easily control your prices on the marketplaces.


Automatically reprice your items based on the competition

Having Solid Commerce automatically set competitive prices for you can really increase your sales. Our Amazon and repricers allow you to control exactly how you want prices to be set. We want you to maximize profit, so we increase your price whenever your competitors are selling higher. Our repricers will only lower your price when necessary. Built in price floors make sure you never sell for less than your minimum profit margin.

Send different prices to each marketplace

With Solid Commerce you can set prices for each market independently. Price management is handy when you want to offer free shipping on one market, but charge for shipping on another, or just account for the difference in pricing on each marketplace.


Match your Amazon price

This option allows you to automatically match your eBay or webstore price to your Amazon price. If you use the automatic repricer on Amazon, your price on these other markets will adjust as your Amazon price changes. If you use a fixed price on Amazon, you will only need to change your Amazon price, and your price on eBay and your webstore will follow.


Set prices based on your cost

You can use simple formulas like “Cost*1.5” or “Cost+10.00” to have Solid Commerce automatically calculate your sell price by adding a profit margin to your cost. This is a great way to avoid manual price recalculations and updates every time the costs from your supplier change. Our automated repricers can also run off your cost.