Rakuten Seller Software By Solid Commerce

Formerly Buy.com Inc, Rakuten connects buyers and sellers in an online marketplace. Rakuten has the philosophy that shopping is entertainment. This means they are using social sharing, great prices, video product reviews, and a loyalty program to solidify this view. Rakuten Shopping provides over 16 million products in 24 categories via online “storefronts” from its network of over 5,500 small and large businesses owners. 

Key Product  Categories Include: Computers & Office, Electronics, Clothing & Shoes, Jewelry & Watches, Books, Movies, Music & Video Games, Home & Household, Health & Beauty, Toys & Baby, Sports & Bags, Pet Supplies, Musical Instruments, Wine & Gourmet.

Rakuten.com Shopping has a loyal customer base and strong marketing opportunities for sellers. Getting featured on some of their daily deals and email blasts can really boost your sales.  

Create New Listings

Create new Rakuten listings on Solid Commerce faster than listing on Rakuten.com. Instead of submitting two files and waiting for approval, upload one file into Solid Commerce and we’ll take of the rest. Using a Rakuten Seller Software will save countless hours and costing mistakes


Create Variation Listings Using Our Rakuten Seller Software

Each item you submit automatically joins the correct, existing variation listing on Rakuten.com. The quantity and price of child items can be controlled independently to maintain accuracy. Quantity and price changes will instantly update on Rakuten.com



Join Existing Listings

Joining an existing Rakuten listing is easy. Simply provide Solid Commerce with a price, UPC or SKU, and you’re ready to sell



  • Three Part fee structure: membership fee, 8-15% commission, and a 99¢ per item fee
  • Different customer base than those who use other marketplaces (most from Japan)
  • Rakuten doesn’t sell anything itself