Quickbooks Integration

The Quick Books Integration Allows You To Sync Your Solid Commerce Account With QuickBooks For Automated Bookkeeping. This Integration Was Built By A Third-Party Developer, So There Is An Additional Fee For This Service.

Aggregate Accounting

Consolidating orders into daily, or monthly, entries makes the totals easier to handle. This is a popular option.

Sync Every Order

If you need complete tracking, setup the sync to enter every single order from Solid Commerce into QuickBooks. The customer on the orders is set to the name of the marketplace so your QuickBooks is not flooded with customers.


All Financial Details Are Inserted Into QuickBooks

All of the financial information Solid Commerce receives about an order is passed to QuickBooks, including: product revenue, shipping fees collected, and taxes collected.


Sub-items Are Supported

Continue using your QuickBooks sub-items to keep your accounting organized


Automatic or Manual Syncs

You can determine the frequency of automated syncs, or you can log into QuickBooks and manually sync when you need fresh data.


Email Confirmations

Emails are automatically sent both when a sync is successful and when it is not. Multiple recipients can be specified. The success notifications can go to a different set of recipients than the failure notices. The notifications include all order numbers involved in the sync for complete verification.

Automatic Re-submission of Failed Orders

If there is an error with a sync, the system will continue to try and resend the orders that failed to sync. Orders that were successfully inserted into QuickBooks will not be resent.