Sell More Today! — Pricefalls Is The Marketplace You’ve Been Waiting For!

With unparalleled Merchant Support, and full marketing rights to your customers, Pricefalls helps businesses grow. Solid Commerce will make it easy to manage your Pricefalls Marketplace store by tracking your orders and inventory from one central location, while increasing visibility on one of the fastest growing marketplaces based in the U.S.

Social Selling Made Simple

Take advantage of Pricefalls’ unique marketing tools by leveraging potential customers’ social accounts. Shoppers can recommend your products to their friends, pass on daily deals and engage with the site’s social couponing feature. Solid Commerce allows you to control the messaging on all listings and set prices at a level you feel comfortable with, so your growing audience only sees one cohesive voice representing your brand.


Consolidate Orders

With Solid Commerce keeping track of orders has never been easier. Our web-based software allows for easy integration of all your orders—whether they’re coming from eBay, of your orders instantly import into Solid Commerce from every marketplace and web store. From there, you can print pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels using our robust shipping tool.


Set Prices You Feel Comfortable With

Solid Commerce uses its dynamic pricing tool to automatically update price based on changing costs. Pricefalls users can breathe easy knowing their prices will never fall below what they feel comfortable with, which is great if you’ve got listings on multiple e-commerce shops. With Solid Commerce you can adjust the price based on channel and offer promotions one marketplace at a time.

Simplify Listings

List more items in less time. Solid Commerce can link your listings across all platforms, one centralized location. If you’d prefer to customize your templates and content through Pricefalls, our software syncs that information directly to our system so you can use it anywhere else you sell your products.

Update Inventory—Fast

Solid Commerce easily integrates with Pricefalls, making it to keep track of inventory no matter how many channels your products are on. Plus, our inventory depletion tool removes identical listings from all other platforms when an item is sold through Pricefalls. You can also automatically set the quantity to zero to ensure listings for discontinued items are closed.



  • No listing fees
  • Get social — customers can invite friends and use deal sharing and social couponing features
  • Dedicated, customizable storefront
  • Automated
  • Participate in Pricefalls’ Daily Deals
  • Marketing — Pricefalls invests in paid marketing and advertising your behalf
  • Great if you have a lot of inventory you’re trying to unload