• Powerful eBay Listing Directly From Excel

Using our powerful Microsoft Excel integration, you can create complete eBay listings for multiple items. In the same file, you can add additional information for other marketplaces to create a streamlined listing process.


  • Use Fitment Data to sell on eBay Motors

We support eBay Motors fitment (parts compatibility) for automotive parts and accessories. Using parts compatibility, you can include a detailed list of compatible vehicles for a single part right in one listing, reducing the number of listings you need to create.


  • Create Listing Templates

Don’t waste time setting listing options one product at a time. With Solid Commerce, you can create various eBay templates for shipping, returns, item specifics and design. When you list a product(s), simply choose the template(s) with the correct set of options and you are ready to sell. We don’t limit you with a hard-wired design template. Simply upload your own HTML into Solid Commerce and apply it to multiple listings, even if the items already been listed.


  • eStreamline Your Listing Process

Solid Commerce directly integrates with the most popular marketplaces so you can leverage the same product information for each site. Since your quantities and product details are already stored within our system, listing is a piece of cake.

  • Create Bulk Variation Listings

Solid Commerce gives you the tools to create variation listing on eBay for multiple items in one upload. We also support variation listings with multiple dropdown menus and responsive images.

  • Auto-Fill eBay Descriptions

We automatically fill in your eBay product descriptions. Yes, you heard us. Solid Commerce auto populates the title, model number, MSRP, description, and images so you can focus on doing what you do best. From a simple text-based eBay Description to a professionally designed template with logos, backgrounds, and hypertext menus, Solid Commerce supports it all.

  • Manage Variation Listings

Solid Commerce supports every variation option offered by eBay. Each variation listing has its own quantity and price and our repricing tool handles each variation listing independently

  • Kitting & Bundling

Create kit listings with multiple items and track inventory automatically. Creating kits is a great way to increase sales and reduce competition.

  • Update Live Listings

Change your title, shipping options, return policy, or item specifics – all while keeping your listing open. Price and quantity update automatically.


  • support for the Global Shipping Program
  • Strikethrough Pricing support
  • Duplicate listing prevention
  • The ability to hide your actual stock levels
  • and the list goes on…