High-volume sellers understand how important product descriptions are for improving conversion rates on Amazon. Product descriptions should contain the appropriate keywords that help products stand out among the competition and convert more sales. Amazon claims that a single relevant and compelling search term added to the product page can help to significantly increase views. Ideally, a well-crafted product description will make a product easy to find, appealing and captivate the potential buyer’s attention, resulting in a greater volume of product sales.


Product Description Format

The details in the product description should be used to describe the product’s main features like the style, size and different uses. Amazon favors sellers who use proper grammar, complete sentences, punctuation, warranty information, instructions for care and accurate dimensions. Some of the information that Amazon wants omitted from product descriptions includes promotional language, details about other products, company-related information, seller name, email address or any website links. Sellers should also know that using the same main keyword in both the title and product description isn’t necessarily helpful.


Key Product Features

The more sales a listing gets on Amazon, the higher it gets ranked on the website. Adding descriptive bullet points to product detail page, otherwise known as Key Product Features, is an effective way high-volume sellers get more sold Amazon. Successful high-volume sellers list the five most appealing features they want their target audience to see, including warranty information and dimensions. Each of the bullet points should start with a capital, but they should be detailed fragments without any ending punctuation.


Evaluating Product Descriptions

If customers constantly ask the same questions about the product, that bit of information may be best-served if it was included in the product description. Sellers should avoid making any offers or claims in the product description, doing so could be considered a violation of Amazon policy that warrants an account suspension. Many high-volume sellers focus on maximizing their character count when putting together a product description. Many claim that filling out product descriptions and bullet points completely can help improve the product’s ranking.


Amazon Descriptions that Sell

The more content that’s included in the product description, the more back-end search terms and keywords to help get the listing indexed in the Amazon search. However, length and character count should not take priority over clarity or accuracy of the description. One of the other ways to construct more profitable product descriptions is by finding ways to differentiate yours from other sellers with the same offering, whether it be through the keywords or features mentioned.

Successful high-volume sellers understand that after the title, the product description is the next opportunity to make an impression and captivate a potential buyer. Often times, the quality of the product description is the deciding factor that determines whether or not a buyer will follow the product link. The most effective product descriptions on Amazon are completely filled out, accurate and contain keywords that make the listing easier to find and ultimately improve sales conversions.