Easy Inventory Listings Management


Manage and edit all your live listings from one place. Control product titles, descriptions, images, and pricing across every sales channel.




Launch and edit listings

List products on eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, and your web store without leaving your Solid Commerce account. From editing live listings to managing variations, Solid Commerce offers complete listing control under one roof.

​Automatically update quantity

With every order, Solid Commerce automatically updates the item quantity on each sales channel – helping you avoid oversells and maintain peace of mind.


Capitalize on marketplace exposure

Leverage the inventory you already have by listing to all the most popular marketplaces. Enter your product information into Solid Commerce – once – and we will automatically push titles, images, quantities, pricing, and descriptions to your marketplace of choice.


Control stock levels

By creating a sense of urgency, hidden stock levels are an effective strategy for boosting sales. Solid Commerce allows you to set a fixed product quantity on each marketplace, regardless of your actual inventory levels.


Manage pricing

When it comes to pricing, you have options. Sell items for a different price on each marketplace, tie pricing to cost, even automate repricing on select marketplaces. No matter what you choose, price changes in Solid Commerce will automatically update listings on the appropriate sales channel.