Grow Your Sales With Kits And Bundles

Whether you’re selling automotive parts, or a selection of items people are likely to buy all at once, building kits is an easy way to increase sales, while saving on operational costs like freight and shipping materials. 


Build Kits With Solid Commerce

Kits are easy to create and edit in your Solid Commerce account. Switch parts around, add, or remove items at any time. 


Support Variations

Solid Commerce supports variation within each kit, so you don’t have to create a whole new listing just because one small part has changed. When someone places an order, they’ll have the option to select from a set of options, and when they buy, and upon purchase, your inventory will be updated—yes, that’s right, no additional work on your end. 


Sell More Items

Offering kits is mutually beneficial for you and your target audience. Customers feel like they’re getting a deal, and you have more opportunities to sell your product. Increase sales opportunities by listing each product on its own, and again as part of a kit. On top of creating more live listings, each kit order is for multiple products at once.


Inventory Updates

With our kitting and bundling system, you won’t have to worry about missing pieces or overselling your inventory. Every time an order is placed, your store’s inventory is automatically updated. It doesn’t matter if you have a complex channel mix, one sale on any of the listings automatically updates the quantity on all other listings for you, no matter the marketplace. 


Offer Deals

Kitting and bundling products allows you to offer highly competitive prices by lowering transactional costs. It’s a win-win, customers save more, while you sell more. 


Avoid Mistakes 

When you receive an order, our SolidShip tool recognizes the SKU of the entire kit, and itemizes every part. This insures all of your items get shipped out correctly, inventory is promptly updated, across all platforms. 


Bulk quantity updates

Add, replace, or subtract item quantities in bulk. Item quantity updates from Vendors are automated, whereas remaining item quantity updates can be completed using our Scan and Load tool or Excel.



Kitting & Bundling

Create kit listings by grouping together like items for maximum sales. With automated inventory tracking, there’s no reason to not take advantage of kitting.