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In order to maximize your reach as an online seller, one of the best strategies is to expand into additional online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart or Jet. The logic for this is straightforward. More marketplaces bring more eyes to your products, which bring more buyers. According to Statista’s Digital Market Outlook, it is estimated that 230 million Americans will make an online purchase this year, spending a total
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That depends. If you are a smaller seller or your warehouse operations cannot support the fulfillment metrics required to maintain Prime status, then FBA may work better for you. Seller Fulfilled Prime can be a great option for retailers and brands who want to handle their own warehousing and fulfillment but still want their Amazon products listed as Prime. In addition, since SFP sellers control their packaging, businesses that sell
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Before joining SFP, sellers should weigh the operational costs of handling their own fulfillment & shipping vs. the gains of growing their sales by being able to list and sell more products as Prime. Below are a number of factors to consider when evaluating the potential costs of SFP: 1 | Shipping zones Sellers must decide what zones they are willing or able to ship to in order to comply
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Seller Fulfilled Prime offers many benefits but it also has a few risks in terms of potentially higher costs. So why do so many sellers want to participate in Seller Fulfilled Prime? First and foremost, participation in SFP provides sellers with access to the millions of Prime buyers who shop more frequently, spend more money than non-Prime buyers and prefer to buy from Prime sellers. Amazon shoppers have grown to
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One of the challenges of deciding whether you should be an SFP seller is understanding the potential shipping costs you will incur.  As an SFP seller, you must offer free Two-Day shipping to Prime members, but unlike FBA, you can offer Prime delivery on a regional basis instead of nationwide. When you join the SFP program, you will be required to create specific SFP shipping templates. In these SFP shipping
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Amazon requires that all sellers who have not been automatically approved for Seller Fulfilled Prime go through a rigorous trial period. The trial period lasts up to 90 days and the seller has to fulfill 50 Prime orders with near perfect metrics during that period. Sellers will be measured on how well they meet all of the Seller Fulfilled Program requirements. If the seller falls below the minimum requirements, they
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