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To be eligible for SFP, you will first need to have a Professional Selling account and qualify to offer Premium Shipping (non-standard shipping). Premium Shipping enables sellers to offer expedited shipping options, such as Same-Day and Two-Day shipping, to their Prime customers. Fast Shipping options are the cornerstone of Amazon’s Prime program as Prime members expect quick and reliable delivery as one of the main benefits of Prime membership. To be eligible
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Factoring — or the process of selling accounts receivables to a third party at a discount — has been around for decades. A popular financing option for business owners, factoring has been used by retailers who need quick access to cash to fund purchase orders and grow their businesses. Today, factoring can seem like an attractive solution for eCommerce sellers from Amazon, Walmart or various marketplaces and that’s because it
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For many Amazon retailers, obtaining Prime seller status is considered central to boosting sales and gaining a competitive edge on America’s largest online marketplace. Armed with Prime badge, online retailers can tap into the coveted group of Prime buyers who, according to a recent Morgan Stanley survey, spend more than 4.6 times than non-Prime members. Moreover, the Prime audience is increasingly growing year-over-year with 63% of Prime members saying they have
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What is Kitting and Bundling? Product kitting simply refers to having multiple products in one listing. It is the process of pairing complementary and compatible items for sale as a single unit. Kits are generally assigned a unique SKU in order to differentiate the assembled kit from its individual components, and to allow the kit to be inventoried and tracked as a single unit. Bundles (for example, a video game
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This article is the third in a series designed to help eCommerce sellers navigate one of the most important decisions in the business cycle – finding reliable suppliers and vendors for your eCommerce business. The first article can be found here and the second article is available here. Below are the most common technical considerations to keep in mind If you’ll be selling through an online marketplace. What type of data
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