Sell Your Designer Wares On Bluefly – The Largest Fashion Destination


Whether you’re trying to make way for next season’s inventory, or maximize your potential reach, Bluefly’s luxury marketplace places your products in front of a highly-targeted audience searching for deals on high-end apparel, cosmetics, home decor and more. 


Manage Content

Bluefly is all about image, being on-trend, and putting forward the right look. With Solid Commerce, we make it simplify the listing process, making it easy to upload high-quality photos, and alter the copy as needed. You’ll save time, and feel confident your listings put your brand’s best foot forward. 

Simplify Listings

Solid Commerce can help you link to all your listings from one centralized location. If you prefer to set all your options directly through Bluefly, our software allows you to sync all live listings. Solid Commerce integrates seamlessly with Bluefly, whether your store is cloud based or self- hosted. 


Consolidate Orders

All orders instantly import into Solid Commerce from every marketplace and web store. Orders from Bluefly will auto-populate, so you can easily print pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels from our SolidShip tool.


Automatic Inventory Updates

Keep track of inventory across all marketplaces. With our arsenal of inventory management tools—Excel plug-in, inventory depletion tool, and cross-platform syncing capabilities—when you make a sale on Bluefly, all other channels will be updated automatically. Zero out specific items, like clothing or shoes from last year, to ensure listings for discontinued items are closed.


Adjust Price Based On Cost

We can automatically update price based on changes in cost. This is great if your costs change frequently or your account is synced with a vendor.  


  • Brand recognition—Bluefly shoppers are looking for deals on high-end products
  • Integrated content management system
  • Fully optimized for mobile
  • Shoppers can find new products from app – option to use push notifications
  • Seamless integration into your Solid Commerce account