One of the difference makers between top high-volume sellers on Amazon and the rest of the crowd is how effectively photography and images are used in their listings. Studies show that more than 65 percent of consumers value the product’s image quality more than any specific information found in the reviews or product description. There are several different strategies high-volume sellers can use to optimize their listing with photographic images.


Using Images on Amazon
Sellers should be using multiple images that show the product from alternative view points. Vivid photographic images can help keep visitors on the page longer, increase click through rates and improve the products’ conversion rates. One of the most important steps to getting the product photos right is reviewing Amazon’s guidelines first. Most importantly, the only images allowed are on Amazon professional photographs of the product and cover art. 


Image Quality
The background of the image is supposed to be pure white, and Amazon recommends sellers have the product take up at least 85 percent of the space available. Graphics, illustrations and text are not permitted in the Amazon product images. Industry experts recommend sellers use images with 1500 pixels- the higher resolution, the better. Images over 1500 px, professional photos may range from 2000 to 3000 px, are automatically scaled down by Amazon. 


Prepping the Images
The seller’s goal should be to get the largest product image possible to fit within the frame. The more images on the listing, the more time visitors will spend looking at the page and the more likely their views will convert into purchases. At least four to five images from different angles should be sufficient in most cases. In-action shots and images of the accessories are particularly useful as well. However,  the most engaging and effective photos are the one that tell a story.  


Quality Imagery Helps
Sellers separate themselves from the competition by investing in high-resolution, flawless photographs that are professionally lit over a white background. Because there are so many poor images and unoptimized posts on Amazon, making the effort to provide professional quality product photos can put sellers above and beyond most of their competition. The data shows that fewer than 5 percent of the vendors on Amazon use video clips, so this is another easy way stand out from the rest. 


Getting Professional Help
Sellers interested in getting assistance from a professional photographer should take the time to review each candidates portfolio. It’s also worth considering how long they’ve been in business and whether they have legitimate office and studio or if it’s just a home-based business. The investment will be worth it when the seller’s large, professional photo helps improve the click through rate and their products begin showing on Sponsored Ads and the Amazon search engine result page more frequently. 


Successful high-volume sellers understand that using professional photographs and supporting images for product pages typically results in higher sales conversions and better click through rates. Using high-res photos that show the entire product and tell a story is the most effective way of making a great first impression on potential buyers.