Our team at Solid Commerce sat down with Harun Gocer who is the CEO of Icy Deals to talk about what he thought about our software and how it has helped his business. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with our platform..

We used to be best known for anime DVDs, but we are currently selling cookware items, fleece blankets and fire pits. We sell everything from outdoor items to camping products. We are selling a lot of different items. My time was spent making sure we were listing the products in a lot of different places and to make sure we weren’t overselling the item. That meant a lot of counting and taking time to manage the inventory. Imagine you sold a product and now you cannot fulfill the order because you didn’t realize whether you had enough of the item or not.

It was very stressful. The team at Solid Commerce was very nice. They were very friendly. They explained everything to us very well and they started working with us in every level of the business. What was really challenging was for me to list the products in different places and make sure they were accurate and priced correctly. You want to make sure you are competitive enough. With Solid Commerce, I know that they were managing all of these listings for me.

With the Solid Commerce tool, we can easily manage our inventory while Solid Commerce tracks the sale of each individual item in the bundle and makes sure that once we sell out one of the items inside of that bundle that it closes the bundle listing down as well. This means we won’t be overselling the item. The system is automated, so when we are looking for a product, we are able to get the item location easily. Finding the correct item is easy. Solid Commerce has an amazing shipping tool. It works together with FedEx, DHL or UPS. You can integrate your account straight with the shipping tool. You don’t have to go through the UPS or FedEx system to ship an item. You can actually use the Solid Commerce system to ship all of your products.

All you need to do is open up your shipping tool from Solid Commerce and scan the UPC barcode of the item that you are shipping to the customer and it will automatically give you the packing slip and the shipping barcode. Then, you just put your item inside of your packaging and it’s ready to go.

Solid Commerce automatically posts the tracking numbers to the correct marketplaces and sends an email to my customers. They also have an excellent customer service team to help me integrate my system with them. All the people working there become your friend. They try to really help you genuinely. They gave me the best solution possible. Solid Commerce is a very easy solution. All I need to do is watch my account and see the sales come in. Don’t spend any more time with anyone else. Go get Solid Commerce.

Key Results

Solid Commerce was very easy to integrated into Icy Deals’ business. The software enabled the company to operate efficiently and expand into many new product categories. The company has grown it’s business many times over since utilizing our software.