Connect With Your Target Audience On A Whole New Level

Add Houzz to your Solid Commerce account and take advantage of the platform’s product recommendations and active homeowner community. 


Manage Your Virtual Catalog

Houzz allows its sellers to build product catalogs for different categories—like Outdoor, Bed & Bath, Living Room, etc. At Solid Commerce, our content management solutions can help you build as many product catalogs as you’d like, tailoring each listing and optimizing for SEO. We even let you set up templates to make the process run smoothly, freeing up your time to focus on the things you do best. 

Manage Customer Relation

At Houzz (as well as other marketplaces) sellers rely on heavily on customer reviews. Become a high-rated seller, and your products will be shown more frequently to potential customers. As a result, there’s no room for mistakes or slow communication. Solid Commerce allows you to manage communications from all channels, linking directly to your account. Ship, update order status, and answer questions. 


Consolidate Orders

With Solid Commerce, keeping track of orders has never been easier. Our web-based software allows for easy integration of all your orders—whether they’re coming from eBay, of your orders instantly import into Solid Commerce from every marketplace and web store. From there, you can print pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels using our robust shipping tool.


Bulk Quantity Update

Solid Commerce has a number of tools that enable you to adjust inventory, add new items to your Houzz account, making it easy to offer your full range of products to a receptive audience. Additionally, our inventory depletion tool removes identical listings from all other platforms when an item is sold through Houzz. You can also automatically set the quantity to zero to ensure listings for discontinued items are closed.

Adjust Price Based On Cost

Solid Commerce uses its dynamic pricing tool to automatically update price based on changing costs. Houzz users can breathe easy knowing their prices will never fall below what they feel comfortable with, which is great when you’re listing on a number of e-commerce shops. 



  • Large and growing user base with 90% of traffic coming from homeowners
  • Get featured on the site’s curated lists of products
  • Good reviews offer opportunity to put yourself in front of thousands of potential customers
  • Singular focus on homegoods provides a hyper-targeted audience
  • Make as many virtual catalogs as you want