Maximize Your Company’s Exposure By Leveraging Groupon’s 25M Audience


One of the most popular daily deal sites, Groupon’s e-commerce platform Groupon Goods is a great way to amplify your brand by offering your product to a whole new audience. Add Groupon to your Solid Commerce account and get up and running in short order.

Easy Integration with Groupon

Solid Commerce integrates seamlessly with Groupon, giving you the ability to keep track of inventory, ship product, and bill Groupon—all from one central hub. Solid Commerce makes selling on Groupon a breeze, allowing you to place your product in front of their large audience looking for daily discounts. 

Auto-Import Orders

Solid Commerce gives you a direct link to Groupon through our cloud-based software. Incoming orders will be downloaded automatically, where you can ship items, and update customers directly from one, central location. And just so you don’t have to log into any additional webpages, Groupon will automatically be updated any time a status changes. 

Find items Efficiently

Boost the productivity of your warehouse team! Groupon’s UPC identifier seamlessly integrates with Solid Commerce, allowing for easy order picking. You’ll get through orders faster, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Inventory Syncing

Keeping track of inventory can quickly become challenging, when you’re selling on Groupon, you’ll general need to commit to providing them with a certain amount of inventory. With Solid Commerce, you’ll be able to track inventory through all your channels, all in one place, meaning you’ll never worry about double selling or dipping into inventory you’ve already promised to Groupon. 

Invoicing Made Easy

Take care of accounting and finance with ease. With Solid Commerce, you have the option directly upload orders into Quickbooks, meaning you can invoice Groupon for product without switching gears.

Make Shipping a Breeze

Groupon requires sellers to bill shipping costs to their account. Our web-based automates the billing process. Whether you’re using FedEx, UPS, or anything else, you can sync your 3rd Party billing directly to Groupon’s account. 



  • Showcase your products in front of an audience of 25 million users 
  • Reliable fulfillment = quick turnaround on orders
  • Smart promotion based on customer data
  • Move inventory faster than ever
  • Easily integrates with Solid Commerce