As millions of shoppers continue to shift online in search of deals, steals, and bargains, eBay has recommitted itself to helping its sellers gain more traffic and improve their sales.  To grab more shoppers in an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape, eBay is offering marketing tools to its store owners to improve their sales performance.

With a store subscription, sellers automatically get access to eBay’s new marketing tools including Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager.  Both are geared to not only improve visibility but to also increase sellers’ conversion rates.  Since Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager sound similar, here is a simple explanation of the differences between them: Promoted Listings is an advertising tool that drives visibility across eBay whereas Promotions Manager allows you to offer promotions and discounts to increase conversions. 




To help improve product visibility, store owners and Top Rated Sellers can take advantage of eBay’s new Promoted Listing program which is an advertising service that allows sellers to place product ads on the first page of search results (usually 4th or 5th place). Prior to the new ad program, 3rd party advertisers dominated top ad placements on eBay steering buyers away from marketplace sellers.  Now, eBay has seen the light and is reserving top ad positions for sellers with the goal of driving more traffic to their products.

Promoted Listings is a self-serve program with a pay-for-sale model meaning you only pay when your product sells.  With Promoted Listings, you create your own campaign, choose how much you would like to spend, select an end date if you like and change your ad rate at any time.  The ads are created directly from your listings so there is no need to create a design.  Promoted Listings, however, is only available for fixed price listings with multi-quantity (more than 1) in selected categories (most categories are eligible except motor parts). 

Promoted Listings is found in your SellerHub under the Marketing tab.  Simply click on “Promoted Listings,” click on the “Create a New Campaign” tab in the right hand corner, choose what listings you want to promote and then select the ad rate (1% – 20%) which is the commission you are willing to give to eBay for each sale.  To find out what ad rate will give you the best results, you can check the current Average Ad Rate for your product category. You can select multiple items to promote and each item can have a unique ad rate.

When your ad appears it will have the word ‘sponsored’ next to it.  In this way, Promoted Listings is similar to Google Ads.

After you launch your ad, you can monitor the success of the campaign on your listings dashboard. 

Remember, you can change or stop your promoted ads at any time. 




eBay’s Promotions Manager enables sellers to offer shoppers discounts, savings or coupons as incentives to buy products.  According to eBay, 75% of shoppers are looking for some kind of deal.  eBay’s Promotions Manager gives sellers the ability to configure promotions and special offers in order to boost order size or transaction amount.  There are a few types of promotions you can use.


1. Order Discounts


Order discounts are geared to encourage customers to spend more or buy more at a time in order to increase cart size. This type of promotion is the most popular and is suitable for most categories. Examples of order discounts include:

  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • Buy 1 get 1 at xx% off
  • Get xx% discount if you spend $xx or more
  • Save $xx when you spend $xx
  • Save $xx when you buy 3 or more
 Order discounts are great to use when you have multiples of an item, want to sell excess inventory, or want to sell in bulk to lower shipping costs.For best results using this type of promotion, it is suggested by eBay that retailers promote their best selling products or new items around relevant retail moments (like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day).Promoting items that are not selling well are unlikely to improve conversion rates.



2. Sale Events

Sale Events offer a flat percentage off your items, or a group of items. For example: 
  •  Save up to xx%

This type of promotion is ideally suited for sellers that offer larger or costlier items in which buyers usually just need one single item. Auto parts and Home and Garden items tend to fall into this category. In order to use Sale Events promotions, the items on sale have to be already discounted using the Markdown Manager tool.


3. Codeless Coupons

Codeless Coupons enable sellers to offer semi-private deals to a specific group of buyers such as top customers or new customers, through social media or via email marketing. For example:
  • Extra $xx off!
  • Save xx% when you spend $xxx or more

This type of promotion is a great way to reward repeat customers, or to appease customers who may have received a defective product or are dissatisfied with their purchase.When you create a codeless coupon through Promotions Manager, you will be provided a special link that can be shared with your target audience via social media emails or your eBay storefront (the offers are hidden from natural search).


4. Shipping promotions

This type of promotion is the most successful in encouraging buyers to increase their order size or amount spent. Examples include:

  • Free economy shipping on orders over $25
  • Upgrade to 2-day shipping for $10
  • Upgrade to overnight shipping for $25

According to eBay, 42% of shoppers want free or discounted shipping and shipping deals frequently produce higher conversions.
The good news is that creating shipping deals using Promotions Manager is quite easy.Simply go to eBay SellerHub, click on the “Marketing” tab, and then select “Promotions” on the left hand side. Set your conditions, choose which items you want to promote and then schedule your promotion.


5. Track your Promotions

Using eBay’s promotions dashboard, you can track promotions results and make adjustments if needed.The dashboard can help you determine which type of promotion provides you with better results so you can plan your promotional calendar for the year. Remember, you can cancel your promotions at any time.
Get Best Conversion Results With Both Promoted Listings And Promotions Manager
The best way of improving your product visibility and generating the best conversion rates is to use Promoted Listings and Promotions in tandem. By using both tools, your promotions will have a better chance in turning browsers into buyers.


Get Best Conversion Results With Both Promoted Listings And Promotions Manager


The best way of improving your product visibility and generating the best conversion rates is to use Promoted Listings and Promotions in tandem. By using both tools, your promotions will have a better chance in turning browsers into buyers.

Promoted Listings allows you to boost the visibility of your promotion by 30%

Rather than just listing your products and hoping for the best, you can help your products rise to the top by using eBay’s Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager. Be proactive, and help your brand cut through clutter and turn eBay visitors into eBay customers. For more detailed information, check out eBay’s Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager information pages.