Easy And Accurate Ebay Motors Listing Management

It’s no secret that creating ebay motors listings without solid commerce is difficult. Before adding support for ebay fitments, we talked to sellers to see how we could make the compatibilities easier to manage. With their help and suggestions, we developed an exclusive motors solution that removes complexity while adding flexibility.


Choose multiple eBay Fitment Makes and Models at the same time

Having to create your compatibilities one Make and Model at a time was slow before Solid Commerce. Now, you can choose multiple Makes and Models at the same time. We also offer a variety of ways to enter years and year ranges.

Create eBay Fitments through Excel

If working with Excel is easier for you than working through a user interface, you can use Excel to create your listings and compatibilities.


Use pre-defined templates for eBay compatibilities

If you have multiple products that use the same Fitments, you can create a template with the compatibilities ahead of time. When you list your items, you simply choose which template you want to use. Imagine listing batches of products without setting up a single compatibility. Ahhh, refreshing.

Update compatibilities on live eBay Motors listingsIf you need to add to your list of compatibilities on a live listing, just update Solid Commerce and we can push that addition to eBay. You don’t need to close and relaunch your listing.


Support for all marketplaces

Enough about eBay, Solid Commerce also supports the autos and powersports categories on all other marketplaces.

Create kits

Kitting is a great tool across a lot of categories, but offering kits can be especially effective in the motors categories. Both our eBay Motors and kitting systems are unique to Solid Commerce.