eBay Inventory Management Software

If you are a high-volume eBay seller, managing your inventory can be complicated, especially if you sell on multiple sales channels. With our eBay inventory management software, you can keep your inventory in sync with your other channels, ensure that you don't oversell, manage your content and scale your business.

eBay Inventory Management

inventory management

Sync Your Inventory

Automatically sync eBay inventory across your multiple channels so you never experience stock-outs and oversells. If you receive an order from eBay, we will automatically update your Amazon inventory and other channels levels. You can also control quantity expression to create a sense of urgency.

Manage Multiple Warehouses

Set up multiple warehouses within your account. You can see the inventory levels and cost of an item in each warehouse and view the total inventory level of a specific product across all your warehouses.

Kitting & Bundling

Boost your eBay sales by offering kits and bundles. With our eBay inventory management software, you can create virtual kits of individual products without the need of actually storing prepackaged kits in your warehouse. Create kit listings with multiple items and track inventory automatically.

Create New Product Listings

Launch and Edit Listings

List products on eBay without leaving your Solid Commerce account. From editing live listings to managing variations, Solid Commerce offers complete listing control under one roof.

Create eBay Listing Templates

Don’t waste time setting listing options one product at a time. With Solid Commerce, you can create various eBay templates for shipping, returns, item specifics and design. When you list a product(s), simply choose the template(s) with the correct set of options and you are ready to sell.

List on eBay Motors

Our direct integration with eBay Motors enables auto-parts sellers to automatically add fitments to their eBay listings and track inventory levels from each product to guard from costly stock-outs.


Inventory Management Software - Tools & Capabilities

Inventory Management

Avoid frustrating stock-outs and overselling. With multi-channel inventory management, you can automatically sync inventory levels across your online stores and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay & Walmart.

Order Management & Shipping

We auto-import orders, so you don’t have to. Our direct integrations with the most popular shopping carts and marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart & eBay, enables you to view, manage, and print shipping labels from one simple screen.

eCommerce Dashboard & Reports


Built-in business intelligence reports give insight into your online sales operations and help you manage your sales metrics across all eCommerce channels and online marketplaces.

Generate New Listings


Reach millions of customers faster. Save time, reduce your workload and list more SKUs by bulk listing new products, submitting updates and revising live listings on all major marketplaces and web stores.

Drop-shippers Management

No inventory, no problem! Connect directly to your drop-shippers’ inventory and automatically list products to your favorite marketplaces such as Amazon and web stores (Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify & more).

Automatic Price Update


Out Smart the competition and never lose the Amazon Buy-Box again. With our Amazon Repricing tool, you can set customized options such as product condition, seller ranking, time of day, and much more.