Are your eBay listings clear of all active content? In June 2017, eBay will disable all listings that contain active content in their coding. Sellers who have not eliminated active content in their listings will have their listings blocked and as a result, experience a potential loss in sales.


Active Content is a particular coding element that enables sellers to create an interactive user experience with such features such as scrollable product images, drop-down menus, streaming videos or in-store search functionality. Active content includes JavaScript, Flash, form actions and plug-ins, all of which makes stores and listings more dynamic and interesting.


So, why then is eBay getting rid of active content in listings? The reason is twofold. First, active content slows down content loading on mobile devices and hinders mobile purchases. As more consumers shop on their mobile devices (at least half of eBay purchases are made on mobile devices), eBay is making efforts to enhance the mobile users’ experience, facilitate purchases and ultimately improve sellers’ sales.


The second reason is that active content allows for viruses, malware and other malicious code to be transmitted from one computer to another more easily.


Keep in mind that many free eBay listings templates have in the past included active content, so you may not be aware that your older listings use active content.


If you have a website designer, he/she should be able to remove the active content and replace them with content that is compliant with eBay’s new rules.


If you are looking for a relatively simple way to remove active content, 2 companies have solutions that can greatly speed up the process: CrazyLister & Frooition.


CrazyLister is a subscription-based platform that offers eBay templates that are free of active content. A typical eBay seller pays around $45 a month for CrazyLister’s services.


Another company to consider is Frooition, an e-commerce design agency that has helped many eBay sellers remove active content from their listings. Frooition’s prices may skew upwards of a few hundred dollars for a custom-built template that removes active content, but this is a one-time fee as opposed to a subscription-based model.


Please note, the ban on active content will expand to include all eBay stores in 2018. Don’t wait until the last minute! Use the next couple of weeks to update your eBay store and listings and remove all Active Content or else your eBay stores may not be open for business.