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Solid Commerce sat down for a quick chat with Aaron Goldberg, the CEO of Cover Shield. We asked him what his thoughts were on their experience with Solid Commerce. Here’s what they he had to say.

  Cover Shield sells automotive aftermarket parts. Anything from wheel covers to wheel skins and all the chrome accessories. Online businesses have to focus on their inventory. You want to make sure you have the perfect inventory. Solid Commerce helped us make money in a way where we could expedite orders. Time is money. With Solid Commerce, it’s click, print, package, ship. Everything is out the door. Before we were doing business with Solid Commerce, we were doing $500,000/yr. which was nothing. I’m talking about 9 years ago. Within the first year with Solid Commerce, we hit $2.8 million and then after that we hit $7 million. Without Solid Commerce, we wouldn’t be where we are now. There’s absolutely no way we would be where we are right now. It’s not just another software where you throw everything up online. It puts items in categories. It organizes them and makes it very easy for you to find the product that you actually need. You’ve got the Amazon feature, eBay, Overstock and Everything just integrates with the software. We’ve been through a lot of different tools. I can’t express my thanks to Solid Commerce for all you guys have done for us. Solid Commerce helped us be more efficient and cut the cost of employees. That same employee who is doing the printing, does the listing, does everything. We are talking about a multi-million-dollar corporation now. Since everything is automated, our main focus here at the company is basically bringing in new items all day long. That’s all we do is bring in new items and expand into every single marketplace that there is. The number one feature that I haven’t seen on any other software is the eBay parts fitment guide. When you’re selling a certain part, for example, a wheel skin, and it only fits a GMC and a Chevy at the same time two different parts, you don’t want to make duplicate listings because that’s the number one violation in the regular eBay, not just the automotive category. They will take that listing and they will shut it down. Your business is at risk. With Solid Commerce’s software, you can group the categories. There’s no other software out there that will allow you to put all the listings together with one fitment. With Solid Commerce’s software, you know you are going to be saving money. The cost is very low. The team is like your family and friends and they are there to help you. Everybody. From the first person who answers the phone to when they transfer the call. It’s like you feel like you’re at home, your partner is on the other end of the line who is ready to take the call and find out what they can do to help you improve your business. There’s no doubt that Solid Commerce helped us grow our business. Anyone not using Solid Commerce needs to make the switch.

Key Results

Solid Commerce helped Cover Shield lower costs, expedite operations and grow their business.