Traditionally, brands sell to big retailers and use distributors to extend their reach into smaller shops. Basic selling 101, right? Nope. We’ve entered a new digital era and the role of brand versus retailer versus distributor has become increasingly unclear. 


As a brand, you probably have been taught that your company should stay within your lane, selling to your big accounts, and letting distributors do the work selling to smaller, independent shops and sites on your behalf. However, the multi-channel landscape has shaken things up to such an extent, that you may be missing out on prime opportunities by choosing to stay loyal to the status quo. If you’re considering Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart or others as additional avenues for profit, we can help. 

Here’s how you can use Solid Commerce to connect with a new audience and grow your business:


Bolster the strength of your brand—Your brand is probably the reason why many people shop at your retail partners’ stores. Take a slice of the consumer demand pie that you’ve worked so hard to create. Presence on mega-marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and now Jet places you in front of millions of consumers. If you already have a proven track record selling your brand to retailers, loyal customers will be excited they can shop from you directly, whether that’s from a branded e-commerce site or through bidding on eBay. 


Avoid Stepping on Your Partners’ Toes—While you do need to carefully toe the line between what you’re offering retailers and distributors, and who you’re reaching out to as a brand, you can offer different products to your new and growing audience.  Get some exclusive products in the mix so you don’t undermine the retailers who have done a lot of heavy lifting on your behalf, while still opening your company up to the possibility of increasing profits and generating more awareness for your brand.

Our software allows you to manage listings and pricing from one web-based platform, so you can easily avoid cannibalizing yourself if your customers are also selling your products on Amazon or Jet.  


Create More Demand – Amplify Brand Recognition—Solid Commerce makes it easy for brands to keep orders, well, in order, whether they’re coming from a retailer who regularly orders from your Shopify website, or is a new end customer who found you while searching for your product on Amazon. 

Our software allows orders to come in through one central hub, so you’ll receive all your orders at once—meaning your operations team won’t be stretched to their limits each time you add a new channel to the mix, making it just as easy to respond to an inquiry from an individual or a big retail customer.


Bottom Line – More Exposure Means More Profits—Ditching the middleman has long been an easy way to slash costs and increase profit margins. Nothing new there, right? These days, cutting out the middle man doesn’t necessarily mean you need to build more infrastructure into your existing organization. Simply start listing. Solid Commerce’s web-based software allows you to list in bulk and template out your listings for a more cohesive cross-platform brand voice. 


Ready to Sell?

Get started with Solid Commerce today. Our software makes it easy to reach a new audience while maintaining a cohesive brand voice across over 20 online marketplaces. With our centralized inventory system, automated shipping capabilities and dynamic re-pricing, we’ll help you stay on top of all your different shops, so you can maximize profits without damaging hard-won relationships with your retailers.