FBA – Fulfilled By Amazon

There are many great reasons to use FBA. Increased Amazon sales, bonus time in the Buy Box, decreased shipping costs, and reduced warehouse expenses are at the top of the list. Solid Commerce can help you tap into even more benefits.

List FBA Items On Other Marketplaces

Getting Amazon to ship out your eBay, Rakuten.com Shopping, and webstore orders makes order fulfillment easy. It may also save you money.


Update Prices And Quantities Automatically

If you change the price on an Amazon FBA listing in Solid Commerce, we will automatically send that update to Amazon. If you list Amazon FBA items to other marketplaces, we will update those markets with quantity changes.

Automatically Reprice Your Amazon FBA Listings

Once your Amazon FBA items are in our system, our automatic repricer can adjust your prices for you. You can choose to set your price higher than non-FBA merchants since you are favored to capture the Buy Box. You can also opt to beat or match the price of other FBA sellers.


Offer Items As Both FBA And Merchant Fulfilled On The Same Listing

Listing the same item as Amazon FBA and Merchant Fulfilled on a single listing is no problem. This allows you to keep selling even if you run out of stock at Amazon or in your own warehouse.


More Features Of Our Amazon Seller Software

  • support for the Global Shipping Program
  • Strikethrough Pricing support
  • Duplicate listing prevention
  • The ability to hide your actual stock levels
  • and the list goes on…