Guest Contributor: Kevin Cook

Does this sound familiar:  You head to the office early to finally review your week’s shipping and financials.  You read your email first…and that’s when everything else gets in the way. A prospective customer you have been chasing wants to talk, a key employee is ill and will be out for a week, an inventory shipment will be delayed (or a technical glitch will slow your process to a crawl).  Suddenly your day is completely rescheduled and you haven’t touched what you set out to do.

The ensuing 10-12 hours are spent handling the normal daily activities, along with the crises you found in your inbox first thing.  By evening, you are frustrated to realize that you never even looked at the shipping report or financials.  With no more energy to give, you head home.

During the course of your day, the financial and shipping reports did not become less important. In fact, there may be issues which are becoming larger and more pressing due to inattention.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an unpaid resource to handle part of your shipping process for you, while improving your bottom line?

71 Pounds can provide that free resource and additional income.  We monitor your FedEx and UPS shipments for promptness.  Our system can detect even small delays in delivery.  Did you know that you are entitled to a complete refund if the carrier does not deliver a package within the agreed timeframe, even if it’s only late by 1 minute?  Billions of dollars a year are available due to this policy.  Like you, most businesses do not have the time or manpower to monitor shipments reports and claim the refunds one at a time.  Even if you are using an employee for this process, their time could be better spent.  Wouldn’t you rather have their assistance handling other daily tasks or helping you solve the crisis of the day?  We can take care of this entire process, capturing any refunds you are owed for the past 15 days.  There is no contract or signup fee.

We would love to share more with you about our process.  Visit to learn more. Contact us today so that tomorrow might be a little less stressful.