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Excel Formulas

Expedite the creation of new products and listings by using Excel formulas to automatically populate a wide range of data into your file. Solid Commerce can process any Excel formula, so there is no limit to what you can do.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Enter data once and share it between marketplacesUse simple “=” formulas, or more complex formulas, to fill eBay and Amazon specific fields with data entered in other cells. This is a good way to eliminate double data entry.
  • Set prices or profit marginsUse a formula to automatically determine your Amazon sell price by taking your cost, multiplying it by your desired profit margin, and adding your shipping cost. Formulas are great for setting eBay Best Offer price ranges.
  • Create product names or image URLsCONCATENATE formulas string together bits of text. If you always add the model number or size to the end of your product name, you can enter the basic name in one column, and have a CONCATENATE¬†formula automatically add that model number or size from another column. CONCATENATES¬†work well with image URLs too.
  • Use drop down menusWho doesn’t love drop down menus? You can make them for any field you want. They also eliminate typos.
  • Refer to tablesSet up a table for your eBay categories and then use a VLOOKUP formula to automatically fill in the correct category based on the product type you entered in a different column.
  • Combine multiple formulasUse a drop down menu to pick a product type in one column. Set up a VLOOKUP formula in another column to find that product type in a table. Then return the correct eBay category. Use IF formulas in combination with AND, OR, and/or VLOOKUP formulas to handle complex scenarios.