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Inventory Management Software

eBay & Amazon Inventory SoftwareWe know it’s critical for your business to carefully control inventory and avoid oversells. That’s why we give you multiple ways to manage quantities in your Solid Commerce warehouse and on the marketplaces. When the quantity of an item changes, we will automatically update the correct quantity to all your marketplaces.

  • Centralized inventory controlSolid Commerce gives you one place to view and update your inventory. You won’t have to jump around between your marketplaces to update quantities. You can update them in Solid Commerce manually, through Excel, and with our Scan and Load tool.
  • Control over the quantities on each marketplaceWhen it comes to setting the quantities to each marketplace, Solid Commerce offers you a lot of flexibility. No matter which option you choose, we will automatically send the correct quantities to the marketplaces. The most popular options are to list your entire inventory, hide your actual quantity, and withhold inventory. These options are explained in more detail on the “Listing Management” page.
  • Multiple warehousesLoad a single item into more than one warehouse or Vendor List. Each Warehouse can have a different quantity and cost.
  • Vendor syncs can accommodate multiple vendorsIf your vendor can load update files to an FTP site, Solid Commerce can automatically process their files to update the quantities and costs in your account. You can even set up a direct API connection between Solid Commerce and your vendor’s database. And you can work with as many vendors as you like.
  • Storage Locations to match your physical warehousePicking and shipping orders is quicker and easier when your Storage Locations are saved in Solid Commerce. You can print pick lists that are organized by aisle and bin location.
  • Inventory historySee all of the quantity changes for any SKU. The history tracks order numbers, Excel uploads, and manual updates. It also shows which Solid Commerce user made a change.
  • Multiple options for bulk quantity updatesUse any combination of these options to make inventory actions more manageable:
    Replace: Replace your existing quantity in Solid Commerce with a new one using a simple Excel file.
    Add: Add to the quantity already in Solid Commerce using Excel or our Scan and Load tool. This is handy when receiving shipments from your suppliers.
    Subtract: Subtract quantities using Excel or our Inventory Depletion tool.
    Zero Out Items: Set the quantity to zero for all items not found in an Excel file so you can make sure listings for discontinued items are closed.